Thailand friends love and dating

Unfortunately, they are so shy that they only could express their admiration for me when they were drunk during our New Year’s party.

One of them, 23-year old Boy, courted me throughout the whole time, being a true gentleman, the second one – who I call the Thai God (as he really is a good looking man) – danced with me and chatted me up, and the third one – the PE Teacher told me he loved me and then ran away to his table, hiding behind his colleague (mind you, he is around 30 years old).

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I have 3 teachers at my school that obviously like me.

One of them being that you can date anyone you want…Well, unless they are Thai.

’ I love to socialize and I’m motivated to find someone I can date.” While her friends have had happy endings, she’s still waiting for her ideal match.

Out of the 130 matches she’s made, she’s met about 40 of them.