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But why is that and what can we do about preventing XSS in ASP. If you have spent anytime attempting to wrap your head around XSS, like many, you might have come to the same conclusion of feeling overwhelmed and perplexed.

We have made it that way by defining 5 different terms for small variations of ways the vulnerability can be exploited and a plethora of information and ways to implement mitigations.

If you are a Saa S developer with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of databases, an elastic database pool dramatically simplifies the process of creating, maintaining, and managing performance across these databases within a budget that you control.

A common Saa S application pattern (especially for B2B Saa S apps) is for the Saa S app to use a different database to store data for each customer.

While in reality, it can be much simpler and straight forward.

The to understanding XSS, lies in the understanding there are only 2 key players involved.

If you don't catch those exceptions, they will bubble to your method's caller.

Like trash attracts flies, the ever evolving user immersion of today’s web applications is a playground for vulnerabilities such as XSS.We were also fortunate to be joined on stage by several great Azure customers who talked about their experiences using Azure including: Jet.com, Nascar, Alaska Airlines, Walmart, and Thyssen Krupp.All of the talks presented at Azure Con (including the 60 breakout talks) are now available to watch online. My keynote to kick off the event was an hour long and provided an end-to-end look at Azure and some of the big new announcements of the day. Both of these additions are available to start using immediately. Whether their searching for something on your site, logging in, leaving comments, navigating to a specific URL that includes parameters or any number of common activities a user on your site might perform. This is Web x.0 and most likely you’re serving up dynamic pages, pages that your visitors most likely interact with.

Turn off updating intellisense