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Sony Computer Entertainment just made system software update 4.75 for the PS3 available for download via PSN.The patch can also be downloaded via web here for the North American version and here for the European version.Please fix it :-) thanks I have the exact same problem. I've tried rebuilding database and restoring file system. Oftentimes the installer then fails and goes back to the PS3 menu without any further error message. I would click on anything and every time i selected something, the game would have a popup saying "a system update is available. " and so i click on "a" and download it for a half an hour and when it is done updating, the exact same thing pops up and it seems like a virus. There are countless people who can't download the update. Update error code 800233ef It's not on my end either.The term jailbreaking is a household term these days thanks to the i Phone’s popularity and the number of people in jailbreak community actively working on it.However, jailbreaking a PS3 may be whole lot different than jailbreaking an i OS device.At the moment no patch notes have been released, but at first sight no large changes have been introduced to the system.

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The uppdate doesn't work and we cant play the game. And i contacted about two "EA Professionals and they said the exact same thing so i did those things and they didnt do anything. My 11 year old was so excited to purchase this game with his own money. It won't work on my older PS3 either, which has never had a problem downloading updates.Whatever storage method you use, you need to create a new folder on the drive called “PS3” and then download the new firmware to it.So, with Safe Mode activated and a controller plugged in, insert your flash drive and select option 6 “System Update.” Then press Select and Start at the same time to initiate the update from the USB stick.Firstly your game is safe and you don’t have to be paranoid when lending the disc to a friend.How do I verify that I have the latest version of Flash Player?