Updating simlock error

Whether it's spotty data coverage, bad customer service, or a high monthly bill, at some point many of us consider changing carriers.

The problem is, we often don't want or need to change our devices.

One session cannot acquire locks for another session or release locks held by another session.

Locks may be used to emulate transactions or to get more speed when updating tables.

The prospect of having to unlock Samsung phones is perhaps the biggest drawback of getting a high-end smartphone paired with a wireless career.

Sure, the deal is sweet: 0 phones for a mere /month!

A program also can’t touch any other program’s data, code, or whatnot.This is because as soon you try to insert another sim, you’ll find that your Samsung phone is locked to that network for a specified period of time according to the contract.And this is when you begin to wonder whether the cheap deal was somehow rotten.LOCK TABLES works on Xtra DB/Inno DB tables only if the innodb_table_locks system variable is set to 1 and autocommit is set to 0 (the default in both cases).Please note that no error message will be returned on LOCK TABLES with innodb_table_locks = 0. Also, starting a transaction always releases all table locks acquired with LOCK TABLES.