Updating wii system menu

The Wii is already a pretty versatile gaming console.Out of the box you could play hundreds of virtual console games, which are exact replicas of older titles for systems like NES, Sega Genesis, Commodore 64, and more.If I make a backup copy of my games (digital downloads from nintendo) on an external hard drive, does the Wii U only give you the option to move it back and forth from the Wii U to the external, because I'm worried that once I have the games on the drive, I wont be able to move them into a second backup drive or something. 1# save Wii U game to external hdd 2# 2 external drives plugged in 3# move game and saves from hdd 1 to hdd 2 ?does the Wii U let you copy and paste all your existing digital games and save data from your Wii U to an external hard drive, yet leave everything on the Wii U as well?So there’s nothing interesting at all in this update. They do get credit this time to actually block exploits.The Bannerbomb block seems to be stable this time and they didn’t leave our privilege escalation exploit unfixed like in the last update.

It might therefore take some more time until our next release.

Several people have told me that both the Y-Cable or dedicated power external drive have alot of problems.

I have gone back and forth searching for answers but everyone seems to tell me that the Y cable has problems or that the external hard drives eventually fail really bad resulting in complete data loss which defeats the purpose of the back up.

Of course, the standard warnings and disclaimers apply: any changes or modifications you perform on your Wii are completely up to you and your sole responsibility.

It’s really hard to brick a Wii this way, but it could happen. It’s simply what it sounds like, a channel, much like the Netflix or Nintendo e Shop.