Using reverse psychology in dating

The key here is to think things through properly once you know the technique so that you can apply it effectively.Turning you're The Charm with an Argument Most women will let their guard down when they are angry or in some emotional state where they are trying to prove their point.

I think we should wait and really get to know each before we even consider having sex and just cuddle." Her: "You cannot come upstairs." You: "Now that you mention it, I am tired and really do not want to come up.

Don't give him the time of day This means that you have to ignore the guy. Though you will find it tough to ignore him - do it!

He is going to wonder why he does not seem to interest you and will love the challenge.

I too have a gf/wife/no time/am busy/pet died/not my type and thought we could be just friends.

I think you are a little too presumptuous about my interest in you here.