Validating asp net server controls

;) The idea is to have below it some red text explaining that the user is not found in the db, and so nothing can be done until a correct user is entered.

cheers I could but that requires the validation done on the page's code behind.

Validators are used to validate data in the input controls.

There are 5 validators provided in namely Required Field Validator, Regular Expression Validator, Compare Validator, Range Validator and Custom Validator.

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Disabling both Client-Side and Server-Side Validation You can specify that individual controls on a Web Forms page cause a postback without triggering a validation check.It would be great that validation can be triggered by calling the Page.Is Valid: Validate which also validate normal required fields etc...Now you will see the browser posting back to the server, but the result will be the same - the validator still works!Right now, the button does nothing, besides posting back if the page is valid.