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You can remove the week numbers just as you would any other calendar.Simply go to your settings and press "Unsubscribe".In order to receive the funds from your charges, you’ll need to associate a bank account to your Stripe account and start receiving payouts.You can update your bank account information at any time, and you can also customize how frequently payouts are made.Increasing the adoption rates of telematics and UBI products is the biggest challenge the industry faces.

As long as your bank account is setup to receive ACH payments, we will be able to payout funds to it.

But if you look at the calendar for the next year, the error should be fixed.

As I noted in my inline comment: Like a rope or stick or soccer pitch, a week has two ends.

If you just want to turn them off for a while, you can simply press the calendar called "Week Numbers" in your calendar list and the week numbers will disappear until you press it again.

Due to the fact that some countries number weeks a little differently, I encourage you to verify that my week numbers are correct in your country.

Week numbers usa auto updating