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Joey, Jeffy and Jamie are all members of the school's football team.Quinn has occasionally used the three as fill-in dates when she can't find a "real" date.The three constantly seek Quinn's attention and approval, usually by undermining one another and falling all over themselves to do or get whatever she even broadly hints that she wants.Despite their constant competition for Quinn's favors, which sometimes leads to fistfights, their friendship is never affected (at least, not for long), and the three are almost always seen together.Quinn chose alternately each of the three Js as her "steady" boyfriend (in "One J at a Time"), driven by the promise that having a steady boyfriend would make her mature (she was under the mistaken impression that Daria's dating Tom was part of her maturity, and Daria did not correct Quinn's assumption).

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(Surprising because there's little evidence that they are capable of appreciating her.) She attempts to fly under the radar and blend into the background, but keeps getting drawn in to situations against her will, where she either restores sanity or causes things to descend into further chaos.To Quinn, the three are simply a resource to be used.Although Quinn makes it clear she would never date any of them in episode #102 ("The Invitation"), they continued throughout the series to desperately try to win her over.One of the series' running gags was that other characters had extreme difficulty remembering Jamie's name; he was referred to as Jeremy, Jimmy, and Jameel, among other names.Jake Morgendorffer (father) Helen Morgendorffer (mother) Quinn Morgendorffer (sister) Amy Barksdale (aunt) Rita Barksdale (aunt) Erin Chambers (cousin) Ruth Morgendorffer (paternal grandmother) "Mad Dog" Morgendorffer (paternal grandfather, deceased) Grandma Barksdale (maternal grandmother, name unknown) Daria Morgendorffer is a fictional animated character from two of MTV's animated series: Beavis and Butt-head and Daria.