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He has also done cameos in the films Dude, Where's My Car? In 1994, Fabio released an album titled Fabio After Dark, which included soliloquies on his philosophy of love.Fabio hosted the American reality television series Mr. The series featured a dozen male contestants competing for the title of "Mr."But instead of my boobs grasping it, it bounced off my boobs. "He approached me when I was working out at the gym," she told Mississippi contestant V Rich on the car ride back the mansion.But when V implied that he was her sugar daddy, the two became involved in a heated argument that eventually forced Travis to play mediator. Travis made out with Lauren: Following the football game, Travis chose Missouri contestant Lauren as the lucky girl to join him for the week's group date at a red carpet charity event.Romance" and the opportunity to appear as a romance novel cover model.In collaboration with Eugena Riley, Fabio has written a series of historical romance novels: Pirate, Rogue, Comanche, Viking and Champion. I’ll get back to you later in case.” FOX411: Are you shocked when that happens? Listen my life has been very fortunate, very lucky. For a real man there is time that a man needs to have space, his toys and his freedom but you know when a man becomes a real man and finds the right person-- that gets to a man. That’s why a lot of times when guys get married too young they go through the midlife crisis because they didn’t have much fun when they were younger. You get to a point where you look at yourself and you go, “Ok, I had a lot of fun but you know now is the time to have kids, a family.” It sinks in when you become a mature man.

FOX411: So you’re in this new movie “Dumbbells.” Fabio: Yeah it’s a buddy comedy. FOX411: You’re talking about Hoyt Richards, the co-writer, who was part of a cult. "I'm Fabio," he says, gazing down with Mel Gibson-blue eyes and a face that looks as if it were chiseled from rock.And though he sometimes seems like a celebrity's celebrity, his presence in this Mexican resort town, where he is filming a new television series, is part of Fabio's own rigorous regimen to transform himself into a one-word household name, bigger than Madonna, bigger even than Arnold.He wrote three more books in collaboration with Wendy Corsi Staub titled Dangerous, Wild, and Mysterious.Robert Gottlieb became Fabio's literary agent in 1992.