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Nicole, desperate for a sibling to join Sunday Rose, 7, and Faith Margaret, 5, is said to have become more deeply involved in Catholicism than ever since the death of her father, Anthony Kidman, in September 2014.

She said that same year how she hopes “every month that I'm pregnant, but I never am” and is now believed to be refusing to use another surrogate as it goes against the wishes of her church.

Well, you love it and baptize it — it's still a child [of God]," he explained.

"I've been through it with couples and I don't pretend to understand that need to have a child, but there are reasons the church has for what it teaches.

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The apparent purchase comes just months ahead of Nicole's milestone 50th birthday this coming June.Nicole was born in Honolulu to Australian parents, and lived there until she was four years old, as her father Anthony pursued a Ph D at the University of Hawaii.Anthony tragically passed away in 2014, and New Idea states that 'when Nicole thinks of Hawaii she thinks of her dad'.An insider close to Keith told the magazine that Nicole is 'getting harder and harder to surprise with presents'.However, it appears that Keith's lavish new gift could be a winner, with the insider also saying, 'It was an impulse decision, but he knew it would make Nicole so happy'.