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Several men have been linked to Selena Gomez over the past year alone—hell, just the past couple of months!Here are just a few of the (potentially lucky) gentlemen.The pair called it quits all the way back in late 2012, with Gomez being the one who called things off, which must have been quite a relief for her, given how much she was harassed by Bieber’s young female fan base.

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With that relationship now in the past, who is Selena Gomez dating now?Then, on the way out of the restaurant, the couple was seen holding hands, further confirming rumors of a possible relationship., the possible new boyfriend of Selena Gomez is a former New York University student who appears to be quite the smarty pants.She’s genuinely passionate about 13 Reasons Why and she believes in the message behind the show. She is very busy, so my interactions with her during filming were limited, but her generosity and passion are very alive in the project, and that was really important to a lot of us!Tommy: Selena was, and is, a huge inspiration for me.