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The crash made it all too clear that mathematics, once my refuge, was not only deeply entangled in the world’s problems, but also fueling many of them.The housing crisis, the collapse of major financial institutions, the rise of unemployment — all aided and abetted by mathematicians wielding magic formulas.Anyone who has hit the dating circuit over the last few years knows that it is a bit of a jungle out there.Gone are the days when the only things that mattered are your sweet car and ripped biceps.So, the hype just continues to snowball; now NPR has picked up on the story.Earlier today they featured an interview with Jessica Silver-Greenberg who wrote the New York Times article which reinvigorated the public interest in credit score dates."I wouldn't even consider someone in that situation -- the joke about me has always been 'to please fill out a credit application and I will consider [you].'" Why such concern over this magic number?

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This is especially true for women, with nearly all female respondents ranking financial responsibility and financial compatibility as more important or just as important as career ambition, physical attraction and sex and intimacy, the survey found.By now, most of us know what goes into a credit score. I’ll be honest, I have considered turning girls down in the past because they had credit card debt or a bad credit score.We know that they are important for credit cards and mortgages, and we have even wondered if they matter if we plan to live a debt free lifestyle. I just thought that was because I am a finance nerd. Tons of people think about your credit and how you handle money when deciding if you have what it takes to be a baby daddy/baby momma. They purport to be a dating website “where good credit is sexy.” I think that is kind of cool.What’s more, thanks to the extraordinary powers I loved so much, math combined with technology to multiply the chaos and misfortune, adding efficiency and scale to systems that I now recognized as flawed.If we had been clear-headed, we all would have taken a step back to figure out how math had been misused and how we could prevent a similar catastrophe in the future.