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In my case I need to place this list at least 32 columns away from my source data (maximum number of day per month the column of the employees’ name), so I have used column AH (it’s the 34th column in Excel). 😉 So now, we are able to link the selected month name with a number in the cell A1.

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To do this, you must have the Developer menu in your ribbon. Select The cell link is the location where Excel will place the index number of the item you select.

If you don’t, activate this option in the menu via Now we need a list of month names somewhere else in our worksheet. For instance, if you select May, (the 5th item in the list,) the value in A1 will be 5 and if you select September the value in A1 will be 9. It’s a trick to hide the linked cell output under the actual Combo Box.

Youre great really dating being single simplyshe 2016 calendar